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    Role-Playing Regulations

    Witchie (Admin)

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    Role-Playing Regulations

    Post by Kriem on Wed Mar 06, 2013 2:30 pm

    This is the topic where I am talking about the special role-playing areas we have. The replaying is not like the regular ones, like where there are multiple applications you can sign up for.
    This whole site is also a Role-Play Forum.
    Yes, there are regular stuff, but there are places and barriers too.
    So without further ado, here are


    • If you are roleplaying, you must stay on the topic that everyone else is on. For instance, if you are roleplaying at Witch-Mitakihara-Schools, you must write about school.
    • You cannot roleplay as someone else. Simply just roleplay the character YOU made up when you wrote you Witch Application.
    • No gore or killing. When a witch is defeated, it re-spawns in its Barrier.
    • Only in role-playing, you may double-post in your barrier.


    • You have to use the Coded Template that us Admins have made. If you are too lazy to write it yourself, just copy and paste the form. That's what "CODE" is for!
    • If someone already took the character idea that you wanted, just think of another idea, instead of making the same exact witch. Example: if "Cheeseburgerwitch101" has the same witch name as you, just make up another name! Or if "Evilmeow" has the same outfit, just find another outfit! Honestly, it's not a big deal. But you may have the same age, gender, and/or personality as someone else.
    • You may NOT use an official character from ANY of the mangas and animes. You MUST use an original. The only users that will use Official Characters are the staff.

    So those are the rules that we will be enforcing during your Role-Playing!
    Kriem, signing out!


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