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    Introduction to the Barrier

    Witchie (Admin)

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    Location (Witch's Barrier) : My barrier is a giant cake! It's delicious and candy-filled! I hope you stop by if you have any cheese (Witches only of course), but on no circumstances may you bring Puella Magi.
    What you do as a witch : I am the dessert witch. Sometimes I have fun tea parties with Candeloro, go to concerts with Oktavia, visit the theater with Wallie, tend the rose garden with Gertrud, and, of course, save the world with Kriem.

    Introduction to the Barrier

    Post by Charlotte on Tue Mar 05, 2013 12:29 am

    Welcome to Barrier Forum. You may be wondering, What exactly is Barrier Forum? In fact, what is a barrier? Well, this topic is here to tell you.

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    Puella Magi are magical girls. They make contracts with incubators, notably Kyubey, to become magical girls in exchange for one wish. They fight creatures called witches, but most don't know that when magical girls are consumed with despair, they become witches. Witches have grief seeds, which contain their magical energy. Barriers are where witches are located, like homes. PMMM is an anime you should watch.

    Barrier Forum: Role Play Forum
    Barrier Forum is a role play forum where we role play as witches. Basically the main thing about the forum is to role play as your witch all the time except in the OOC (Out Of Character) section. In other words, pretend to be a witch. The forum itself is the main role play, but other role plays can be created.

    Grief Seed Corporation
    GSC, or Grief Seed Corporation, is the name for the group of this forum's owners. All Staff Members are part of GSC.

    Staff Members
    We are sorry to say, but you cannot be a Staff Member. The status of Staff Member only belongs to those who GSC chooses. It isn't all about the colored usernames, though. Quite the opposite, in fact! Staff Members design the forum and make sure it is safe and appropriate.

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